Thursday, November 29, 2007

TVS Flame - Its different

The new TVS Flame rocks..... I mean at least in terms of TVS trying to figure out those nitty witty elements that is required to compete with the market.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fundas of riding... More Fuel

Tips for a better mileage

1. Prompt servicing

Give your vehicle to service when the right time comes. You really dont want your engine components to die and this also includes the filter in your bike. A good filter will give you a good mileage.

2. Throttle

Use the throttle respectfully. Sometimes I find people throttle their vehicle at third gear when the engine is at idle RPM. It will work and the engine will move but why make a small gear in the input shaft move a large one in the output shaft when the engine RPM is too low? That leads to unwanted fuel wastage coz your are forcing the engine to increase its RPM stuck at the third gear.

3. Release the clutch man. Don't keep sticking it towards you all the time....

Ok you are in the first gear, let go off the clutch as your throttle, and release it FULLY when you find that the engine RPM is above 1000. Nothing is gonna damn happen at this stage since it is only in the first gear. A small gear in the input shaft will be stable enough to move a large gear in the output shaft with ease. If you keep pressing the clutch your tend to detach the two shafts and the result is a sheer waste of engine energy and fuel. Why not make use of it.

4. Use the right gear at the right speed

At 25kmph using the fifth gear is insane.

1st Gear - 15 kmph
2nd Gear - 25 kmph
3rd Gear - 35 kmph
4th Gear - 35 - 40 kmph
5th Gear - above 45 kmph

Back shift in the same fashion. Happy riding.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hi guys after the second service and several weeks after that the mileage is 54kms / litre. One thing I would request you guys to do is - Tweak your idle input. If you look to your left just close to the carburetor this is a golden screw with a spring.

Screw it anti-clockwise to loosen the the screw to make sure there is more inflow of petrol to keep the engine running in the idle state IF the vehicle tends to stop on closing 1 x 1000 RPM. However if you think that the engine is vibrating a lot and also if the RPM is way beyond 1 x 1000 RPM then probably you would want to screw it clockwise to tighten the idle inflow. This will also ensure that you have have a good mileage.

If I am right, if you don't throttle, the idle valve tends to input the petrol to the carburetor to keep the engine running. So if your idle screw is too loose then you tend to lose a lot of petrol resulting in poor mileage.

Also carefully monitor the Zero and the amount of petrol input to your tank when you refill in a gas station before estimating the mileage of your vehicle. Cheers.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Second Service - Just Superb...

I was surprised myself. It was just neat at Tristar TVS. Looking at the service center in Intermediate Ring Road, I wasn't quiet happy and confident to give my vehicle for second service there. But staying close to Airport Road I had no choice to make.

When I reached the service center, an executive arrived immediately and jotted down all my complaints and requirement. I had to replace my left foot rest and it was jammed due to an accident.

This is the best part:- I asked him when it would be ready and he said "you can collect it in the evening". I was just dumb founded. For a second, I was worried if they would just do a simple water wash and two or more screw tightening acts. But the story was totally different in the evening.

I went at 6.30 PM to the service center to collect my vehicle. He was sparkle clean. A few things I failed to mention was the loose right mirror and brakes. And voila! they even fixed it even though it was not in the requirement / complaint list.

Mud guard and every single piece of the vehicle was just dirt free. I was really happy. And here is another best part which I have not seen TVS do it till date. The oil container and the filter were strapped to the pillion handle.

The whole fantastic, quality service was done in 7.5 hours at a cost of 240 rupees. What can I say guys. I also read an article saying that TVS being the third largest two wheeler manufacturer in India produces quality components than its competitors and it was also awarded for this.

TVS has definitely gone from a small step to a giant leap in all verticals.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ads - WOW!

All ads of Apache has been stunning. Bajaj has a long way to go in learning even this. I wonder what people find amazing in that fuel sucking monster.

Check out for a promo video of the Apache 160cc RTR

Apache 160CC RTR - Fantastic...

VOOOOOO!. I must say the bike has got a cool look. The finish is just amazing. Few negative points in design:-
  • The silencer. It looks puncher ed at the tail. I don't know why?
  • The horny pillion handle. This was not needed.
  • The zebra like strip on the mudguard. Yuk!
TVS has mastered its technique in capturing the market so fast. Coming in competition with other manufacturers is really worth noting. And hey! did you observer the engine in 160cc RTR. Its just clean, neat, compact, masculine and perfect. The alloys look good. And the petal disk. I did not expect them to be so big. They are just amazing.

Plus points
  • The disk brake - petal disk
  • The engine - Marvelous finish
  • Adjustable handles
  • The frosty brakes and gear bars. (I presume there must be a lot of issues with gear-shifting here. But not tried it though.)
From an ugly looking bike like Fiero FX to a beautiful crafted Apache (with a few exceptions) TVS really rocks. I can happily say Apache is better than the new Bajaj Pulsar version. Pulsar has tried to capture the market but it lacks the taste that Apache has.

GearBox issues! Bullshit!

Why do riders still keep complaining about the gear box in Apache? I did face a problem with it once, and that was when my idling screw was too tight. There was hardly any fuel during rest and I had to throttle on and on to keep the fuel flowing and the engine running. It was my mistake and not the fault of the bike!!!!

I have not faced any issues wit the gear box in Apache. Its absolutely same as in any other bike. To be honest is it manly, than the smooth shift in unicorn.

To dos..
  • Release the throttle fully. Don't half throttle, engage the clutch and shift gears.
  • Engage the clutch fully. Half clutch might damage the gear box.
  • Relax. Release the throttle, depress the clutch fully, and give some time for the vehicle to breath. Shift the gears now.
Trust me guys. I use the gear box like hell, shifting severals times within few meters of heavy traffic. And I have not faced any problems with it till date. One rare case is the False Neutral. This is common in all bikes. And there is nothing annoying about it.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Ok guys! Its been due for the second service now and I have not still given it for service. I have driven an extra 500kms. Hope it does not melt??? But It gives me an average of 57 - 58 kmpl. Can there be any better rider than me???

Rock Steady

Rock steady at 104 Kmph. This time at the Intermediate Ring Road in competition with a Pulsar 150cc updated model. A nice, clean arrangement of the handle bar makes Apache a real comfort while turning suddenly. Off course, maybe this suits me coz of my height, but I was convinced with my bikes performance since I smashed and overtook the pulsar. Vibration was there, but the stability of the vehicle at that speed made it really transparent. I am happy with the vehicle.

To all those who keep complaining about the vehicle (excepting the style and looks) I have five words - "learn to ride a bike".

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

68 kmpl

Okie! Another mileage-o-phobia. This time it gave me 68kmpl. I don't know what to say. The devil is being too kind to me.

Monday, April 30, 2007

160cc - A mess!

A disappointing 160cc. I don't know about you guys out there, but I really did not expect a copy cat version of the new Bajaj DTSi just to survive in the market.

(Image source from
What I don't like in the 160 cc

1. 160 cc itself. I would rather go in for a 150cc with a good mileage.
2. Why did he not update 150 cc to these extras, but instead opt for 160cc?
3. The silencer! oh boy! what a mess
4. The pillion handle - Copied! doesn't he have brains to bring in something of his own?
5. The meters. Another copy from Bajaj. Grow up TVS!

What I appreciate

1. The handle bar
2. The engine guard
3. The new petal disk brakes

I wonder why the second versions of all manufacturers SUCK. Oh boy! I must say the 160cc is a real MESS of an engineering. Especially because it offers a copied version of other bikes. And this does not make it unique at all.

Check out more at

Average of 65/66

Okie! After 1900 kms now, and one free service down the lane I am proud to announce the final results of the mileage-o-phobia. My silver Apache gives me an unthinkable 65 - 66 kmpl. Now this is why I am a happy customer.

One more thing. You wanna be happy with the bike, then the bike's got to be happy with you. This means that you gotto clean and check every single component of the bike every week. I had this problem today. Though my tank was full, the vehicle stopped in between twice. This could probably mean that there was no proper air + fuel mixture going into the single cylinder four stroke 147 cc engine. Or that the Air filter is has got a sexy back. Gotta check that out.

Nevertheless, drive safe guys. Few days back driving at 80 I had this Honda City bumping me from the left. Luckily, nothing happened to my bike and me. I would gladly say - Apache is SUPERBLY STABLE. Imaging a car bumping you at 80 from the left. He hit me to my left foot rest, and just a right turn, and another left and another right, I was back to normal without a scratch.

If it was my TVS Victor, I would have been on floor at that speed. Phew! Enough of all the high speed dramas on road. Its time for some professional driving on the roads in Bangalore.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New 160cc version

A new 159.7 cc version of Apache is going to be launched soon. It sports the same foundation, but with some classy colors and disc brakes. A little bit of engine tweak and great style.

Check out more at

What the experts say about Apache

"She is the fastest 150cc bike around today and probably the highest top speed as well." - Overdrive

"Ultra-flickable, yet rock steady at speeds around the magical 100kmph." - Autocar

As from the main website

100 kmph - Just Like That

vooooohooo! 100kmph

Okie! its not that funda speed limit, but atleast its my first experience with a 150cc bike. You can just see the speedometer needle respond so fast to the increase in speed. I must say - APACHE IS VERY VERY STABLE AT HIGH SPEEDS.

What really surprises and made me choose TVS is for their leap from the boring production to something classy like Apache. Its an Awesome bike for the Indian market. And at first shot, TVS just did it.
  • It gives you good mileage - If you make sure you have exact one litre in your tank - Read the previous blog.
  • It gives you good stability
  • It has a re-defined style
  • Dome is just amazing. Looking at the bike from the front makes you hug it.
  • Nice exhaust sound effect
  • Good service - but got to check out in detail of the golmaal in there.
What more, its one of the best bike produced so far for the Indian market. Its stand apart from the goofed up style of the new 150, 180 and 200 cc bikes of Pulsar from bajaj. Something is really wrong with Bajaj designers?

100kmph and I am a happy man now. I am happy that my research on wanting to go for Apache was worth it. I am happy I bought the right bike. I am happy I have the value for money. I can rest in peace until I own a Hayabusa some day. Until then I shall use my Apache for a descent driving on Indian roads.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is the issue with your bike or the Petrol Bunk?

I am back again with another shocking report on the mileage phenomenon. If all you bikers think that going to a Petrol Bunk in India or Bangalore for that matter should possibly give you a better mileage, then you better think again. India is ranked as one of the most corrupted country in the world.

Other than Shell or Reliance, all other Petrol Bunks are fraudulent. I would say "BASTARDS" out of sheer anger and irritation. A case yesterday at Bharat Petroleum - Airport Road when I faced this problem. I gave him 51 rupees for a litre of petrol and touched the tank to see if I could feel the movement of the fuel in the tank, and voila! It ceased at 600ml, but still the meter was running to fool me. Can you believe it? I had a tough time with the fellow there, demanding him the value for money. But I could do nothing single handed.

Imagine the amount of people being fooled especially people who own cars who just rely on the meter reading and cannot really feel what’s happening inside the tank. But it’s not the case for bikers though.

To all riders and drivers – Please touch the tank to feel what is happening inside. Or at least ask the representative in the petrol bunk to pour the fuel in such a manner than the pipe is not fully inside the tank. And you can see what is happening. It doesn’t matter if you lose some amount of fuel by evaporation. At least you are not cheated and you are contributing to making this country a better place.

And if the representative attending to you is not responding properly to your clarifications, just slipper him. We as customers have the whole rights to demand the value for each penny. That’s the meaning of a democratic country.

So with 600ml what kinda mileage are you expecting? So bikers, better check how much is in (to the tank) before estimating how much is out (used fuel from the bike). Happy riding!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Engine at 60 and more....

When in fifth gear and traveling above 60kmph, you can feel the heavy vibration of the engine in the left footrest, though it is hardly visible in the right. This gives a real sickness in riding the vehicle those it disappears at higher speeds.

And at fifth gear, you literally get the impression as if its time for you to switch to another gear. It rarely gives the feeling of a fifth gear because of the pull it provides. Looks like its an issue with my bike alone. But nevertheless in most of the Apaches in town, I think the engine is closely tilted to the left side of the frame, and hence the left side vibrates more than the right.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Honda Unicorn? WOW Gearbox

Hi guys! Can anyone here tell me how its possible to switch gears in Honda Unicorn without engaging the clutch lever? What is the mechanism? Is the engine semi-auto tranmission?

Gear box!

Ahhhhh! such a beautiful bike and the gear box is really annoying. I dont know if the rider is bad (me) or is it something to do with the bike.

Sometimes in traffic, traversing down from 2nd to first becomes a problem. It just gets jammed at neutral or does not budge. A little bit of push in the front and its back to normal. Wonder why there is some twist is the mechanical laws of nature. Comparatively Honda Unicorn provides a smooth transition. Its gear box is absolutely splendid.

Sometimes I feel if there was a clever way for bikes to switch from manual transmission to automatic transmission. Using the five gear box in heavy, irresponisble traffics like in Bangalore is really a headache, especially when you have a poor idling configuration in your bike. I suffered a lot a couple of days back.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mileage after first service

Its 57km per litre. Okie! to be honest, this is not the average mileage that I should be getting. It should be more than that. This figure is a comptutation at all driving speeds. I raced with my friend at Airport Road driving at 70 kmph in heavy traffic, braked several times, switched on the the vehicle on several occasions (coz of my very low idling configuration).

After all, we all owe to pay some respect to the vehicle. The better you drive, the better the vehicle and a good smile on your face. Happy riding.

Monday, April 9, 2007

What a dome!

TVS Apaches' dome really really looks classy in all colors. TVS has really done some good piece of work here. Its worthy to be the best design of the year 2006. Look in detail and even the finish of the vehicle is flawless.

1000 kms.... Yaaahoooo!

Okie! My new Apache silver has crossed 1000kms now. I tried testing it yesterday on my way to Vijaya Nagar from RR Nagar through Mysore road. Reached a top speed of 95 kmph. Trust me, this vehicle is very very efficient in balance and maneuverability.

Cornering is damn easy, turns and sneak through heavy traffic is just simple. I must say TVS has crafted Apache beautifully .

A little bit of examination on the design, and voila! its way much better in finish and quality than the Victor GL I had three years back. Every single element of the bike is designed with a fabulous touch. And with the side stand on, I just feel like fetching my keys for another ride.

And hey! I had my cousin who has got a Honda Unicorn complain on one thing - "Your bike - (my Apache) does not have any dangling wires in the front. But look at mine or pulsar, it ruins the look of the bike. TVS has a taste in design."

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Vibration - oooohoooooo!

Ok! so here's the myth buster regarding the vibration of the vehicle. At 65 kmph its just smooth and normal, but at 85kmph it does vibrate - A LITTLE.

Like most other reviews that I have read its descent amount of vibration for a 150cc vehicle and it is normal. It happens with Hayabusa for its range and any other bike for that matter.
But, at higher speeds handling the vehicle gets difficult. It does not wobble but looks like the gravity and speed just glues the tyres to the surface so firmly that turning the vehicle quickly becomes a problem. But maybe its just my illusion and has got nothing to do with the bike!!!!!!

At 85kmph this machine is just robust and amazing. Make sure you inflate your tyres with the recommended air level and boom!! the vehicle gets as stable as it should be.

Bends and curves can be tackled with ease. Its amazingly sporty and easily maneuverable. Trust me. I have no doubt apache 180 will be cleverly designed with patience and spice as per the demand of the customers.

Max speed reached today - 90kmph.

Friday, April 6, 2007

After first service - Oyecomova!

After the first service, the vehicle is poised. It much more easy to handle and change gears now. The ride is cool and smooth. Especially the sound from the exhaust when you raise instantly.

But otherwise it looks like most of the energy from the engine is not being made use of. i.e. If you raise too much to speed up, the engine gets to be noisy enough to impress you for its machoness, but looks like the power does not reach the transmission. To the rider it just seems like the vehicle is locked to not exceed 75kmph no matter how much you raise the throttle. Well, I think so but not sure if it happens to everybody.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

First service at 722km. TVS SUCKS!!!!!

I must say the service was fast. It was done in 8 hours flat. But the quality of of service..
come on! lets dig in...

1. The oil or shine in the exhaust remained as such with being wiped
2. Water wash? Then why is my engine still dirty? Huh!
3. The clutch is not tightened
4. The brake is not tightened
5. Gear box still tick tocks! I had asked you to mend it and you have not done it. why?
6. The engine oil drips!!! *@#$$

I am sorry guys. This happened to me. And I must say it SUCKS! And this is at Ashwa Motors, Banashankari, Bangalore.

And yes! The real funda! the cost for my FIRST FREE SERVICE - 340/-. This includes Oil Change, Air filter change and labor charges. Well! looks like TVS is redefining the meaning of FREE SERVICE.

Happy riding. Never be in a corrupted country like this. Sack em all!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Pulsar Vs Apache

After a lot of research, I must admit Pulsar rules. I am not considering the new version of pulsar in which the tail lamp was altered to give an awkward look to the vehicle. I am considering the comparison between Apache 150 and the pulsar 150 and 180 older versions.

1. Apache seems to have copied all the feature of pulsar in one shot. Observe the panel allocations, the stickering, the style. Everything damn thing is copied, excepting the engine.
2. Pulsar if heavenly responsive than Apache. I dont know why there was a hype on Apache's pickup!!!!
3. Pulsar if powerful in all ways, especially when you are trying to drag the vehicle up a slope.
4. Pulsar is a class in design. So professionally crafted. The bike looks COMPLETE. 180 DTSi black is awesome.
5. Look at Apache from a distance and you shall soon find that the back side of the vehicle is out of design from the front. Something missing there!
6. Apache's pillion seat is DAMN SMALL. A terrible ache to the bummy!!!

So ladies and gentlemen, though this blog is dedicated to Apache, my votes are for Pulsar for several reasons. But nevertheless, TVS is a new learner and is competing and shall soon be in match in producing quality vehicles for the Indian market. Predator, Apache 180 are few such examples. Apache 150 is just the beginning of the story.

The bike is Indian. And thats what makes it unique from all. Even the tyres and alloys are manufactured by TVS, However this is not the case with bikes from Honda, Bajaj and the rest. So that way, TVS is definitely making things happen, but at a slow pace.

Pulsar 180 DTSi

I must admit. This vehicle is a class on its own. Its look damn elegant. Especially the black color. And this one is definitely powerful. The black colored engine with the black paint for the vehicle makes it look heavenly masculine. Hats off to Bajaj here.

Pillion's Bum

Oh boy! what can say here. The back seat is so small, its really insufficient for a medium sized bum. This results in a terrible ache in the bum. Phew! 40kms as a pillion rider and you end up with loads of ice on top of your bum.

Monday, March 26, 2007

402 kms and still going

There was an issue with the gearbox cover as it had no screw in it. I was wondering how TVS could ever sell a product to the customer without testing and verfication of the all possible defects and missing parts in the bike. ????

Had gone to the showroom to replace the screw and boom! I found a furious customer shooting flame balls at a TVS representative on the mileage that his Black Apache provided. He was crying over a pathetic figure of 30 or less.

Neverthless out here with me the breeze is cool and plausible. 400 km and still going like a gun. No worries, no tension. After all, in my opinion, no matter what be the vehicle, It all depend upon how you ride it. Proper usage of the clutch, right gear at the right speed and engine rpm etc. are all such examples.

Apart from that a defect in the product is not your problem. You can always go and claim or even sue the manufacturer. So no worries and happy riding.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Carburetor & Fuel Economy

Hi folks, just though I could share this info with you. Please ensure that you all tweak the Carburetor's Idle Jet inlet valve, and the Main Jet inlet valve.

These two screws attached to the carburetor are essential in determining the fuel economy of the vehicle. And also responsible for the amount of crap in the exhaust.

And while driving down a flyover (or anywhere for that matter), avoid using the Throttle / Accelerator and let the engine run in the IDLE mode, thereby activating the Idle Jet inlet valve instead of the Main Jet inlet valve.

Remember, the more the throttle/accelerator, the greater the amount of air into the carburetor, the greater the velocity of air intake, the greater the amount of fuel input because of low pressure, the richer the air fuel mixture, the richer the combustion and the greater the speed of the engine.

So lads, avoid turning the throttle all the time, If you reach say 50 kmph, release the throttle and let the machine drive at its available speed.

Hopefully I am right here. If not just shout at me.

Mileage and Engine

Mileage: Definitely descent enough. I drive 44 Kms a day and I still have almost 10 kms or more to spare the next day. No worries here.

Engine: To be honest, it is getting a bit tough and noisy now; very marginal though, nothing to be worried about.

But I must say one thing; sitting on the pillion seat gives the bum a sure ache on its sides. Ooops! But the sound from the exhaust is a complimentary treat for it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Idle RPM, False Neutral

Hmmm! When Idle the RPM is at 1 x 1000. You cannot feel the vibration of the vehicle as many say. Remember that I have not given the vehicle for its first service yet.

And false neutral, well, it depends upon how professional you are as a rider. My brother rides the vehicle smoothly and till date I have not seen him experience a case of FALSE NEUTRAL. But it has happened to me several times. So I can't really blame the bike here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Touched 95km/h March 20 2007

Okie, the same flyover again. This time I had this blackberry boring pulsar again. Tried to race him and go ahead and touched 95 km/h - trust me I had no vibrations at all. It was just smooth even at 95km/h. I know its not good to reach such great speeds before the first service, but I just could not control it.

I am not bluffing here, neither do I want this blog to be dumped with useless facts. I shall be true to whatever I had experienced with the bike.

1. The bike vibrates. Phew! I did not experience it even at 95kmph.
2. The gear box is tough. Doh! Not at all.

Brakes - I dont know what to say. It just halts silently within seconds. For all those bikers who complain on the braking in Apache, looks like they dont know how to apply them.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Mileage - 15th March 2007

I need to check this out a bit more.

I poured a litre from a good IndianOil petrol station 9Many recommend shell petrol stations). I crossed 42 Kms from R.R Nagar to Koramangala and the other way round. And I still had some for another 5 to 6 kms. So a total of 50. A pretty descent score for a 150cc. But its said that it would increase to 54/55 after the first service.

You can maintain the same consistency if you have the bike in top condition all the time.

The drive on 15th March 2007

To be honest the bike is definitely a macho. Its small and powerful.
The gear box is tough. But looks like TVS had designed it like that to suit the macho look. Neverthless all other aspects of the bike is cool. The sound from the engine and the exhaust is smooth and sleek.

Vibrations: Zero when I touched somewhere close to 70 Km/h. In fact I wanted to try and match it with a pulsar 150. And we had a small race on the Anand Roa Circle flyover That guy was so noisy I almost gave him a wicked smile. And I was ahead.

Apache is really really amazing to drive. I have driven even the pulsar, but trust me, its a really new experience alltogether. Style, looks, power - TVS has literally redefined the whole model.

A new Apache - Silver

Purchased a new TVS Apache Silver. - 15/3/2007

And here it goes

City : Bangalore
On road price as on March 2007 = 61810
Loan amount for a downpayment of 40 grand = 25000
EMI for a period of one year = 2290 x 11.
Actual downpayment amount =

36810 (61810 - 25000)
+ 2290 (the first emi as advance)
+ 575 (blah!)
+ 250 (blah!)
+ 250 (blah!)
+ 375 (Extra coating on the bike for rust, color prevention. Doh!)

= 40550

And at the end of 12 months I end up paying 65750, an excess of 3940.

Point to ponder on :

1. Understand the interest rates. The wesbite says 6.99% but I was given at 9.9%. When asked, the ICICI agent in the showroom stammered.
2. Choose the right financier.
3. Check the number of the engine and the chassis to that of the registeration certificate.
4. Ensure all components are free from damange, rust and other issues.
5. Its your money, so ask as much as question you want to before purchasing one.