Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fundas of riding... More Fuel

Tips for a better mileage

1. Prompt servicing

Give your vehicle to service when the right time comes. You really dont want your engine components to die and this also includes the filter in your bike. A good filter will give you a good mileage.

2. Throttle

Use the throttle respectfully. Sometimes I find people throttle their vehicle at third gear when the engine is at idle RPM. It will work and the engine will move but why make a small gear in the input shaft move a large one in the output shaft when the engine RPM is too low? That leads to unwanted fuel wastage coz your are forcing the engine to increase its RPM stuck at the third gear.

3. Release the clutch man. Don't keep sticking it towards you all the time....

Ok you are in the first gear, let go off the clutch as your throttle, and release it FULLY when you find that the engine RPM is above 1000. Nothing is gonna damn happen at this stage since it is only in the first gear. A small gear in the input shaft will be stable enough to move a large gear in the output shaft with ease. If you keep pressing the clutch your tend to detach the two shafts and the result is a sheer waste of engine energy and fuel. Why not make use of it.

4. Use the right gear at the right speed

At 25kmph using the fifth gear is insane.

1st Gear - 15 kmph
2nd Gear - 25 kmph
3rd Gear - 35 kmph
4th Gear - 35 - 40 kmph
5th Gear - above 45 kmph

Back shift in the same fashion. Happy riding.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hi guys after the second service and several weeks after that the mileage is 54kms / litre. One thing I would request you guys to do is - Tweak your idle input. If you look to your left just close to the carburetor this is a golden screw with a spring.

Screw it anti-clockwise to loosen the the screw to make sure there is more inflow of petrol to keep the engine running in the idle state IF the vehicle tends to stop on closing 1 x 1000 RPM. However if you think that the engine is vibrating a lot and also if the RPM is way beyond 1 x 1000 RPM then probably you would want to screw it clockwise to tighten the idle inflow. This will also ensure that you have have a good mileage.

If I am right, if you don't throttle, the idle valve tends to input the petrol to the carburetor to keep the engine running. So if your idle screw is too loose then you tend to lose a lot of petrol resulting in poor mileage.

Also carefully monitor the Zero and the amount of petrol input to your tank when you refill in a gas station before estimating the mileage of your vehicle. Cheers.