Friday, November 26, 2010

Airbag safety device

I was having a debate with my friend yesterday as to why the SRS Airbag safety device is considered as an optional accessory in a car being sold in the market. Hyndai i10 for example has different versions in the market - Era, Magna, Sportz and Asta. And only the high end models come with SRS Airbag device. Its the same with other manufacturers too. Shouldn't it be made mandatory that every car out in the market has this feature built into it and priced accrordingly? Is'nt as important as having the seat belts in all cars?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Best looking sedan from behind

I was in the cab on a long drive to the office this morning and decided to scribble down the top five good looking sedans from the rear. Here is the list..
  1. Corolla Altis
  2. Sonata Embera
  3. Honda Civic
  4. Honda City ZX
  5. Fiat Linea.
These were the vehicles I could see on road today. I might have missed some good ones out there. If I happen to see them and if it impresses me then I shall update the list above. Until then this is what I have.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tata Indigo CS

I drove the Tata Indigo CS - Diesel in Mumbai. It was the first time I ever drove a diesel car. It felt good inside and the controls were not that bad. However what disappointed me was the sound of the engine and the movement of the gear handle if I happened to not accelerate enough while moving in the first gear. The vehicle had a good pickup and was quiet descent in its performance. The issues above could also be because of the poor maintenance as my friend did not care much to keep it in good shape. Who said Tata Motors manufactures cars that felt like trucks?

Tata Motors - Vista EVX

Tata motors wins at the Royal Automobile Club, Brighton at the London future Challenge. The Tata Indica Vista EVX can hit 96 kmph in 10 seconds and bagged the top honours as a passenger electric vehicle. Good going! Something Indian but developed in UK.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mahindra Logan - Hmmm! Not bad..

I was on my way to the city from the Airport in Bangalore in a cab and I did not expect Mahindra Logan to be so smooth. I don't know if it was the skill of the driver or the car but sitting in the back seat I simply enjoyed the drive. The gear shift was smooth, engine was smooth, pickup was good and he easily hit 120 in less than maybe 15 secs. And what really got me wondering was the smooth suspension. I could not feel a thing. I was comparing it with the i10 I have and I asked my wife if she felt the smooth suspension sitting inside our car and she said the cab seemed to be better; or maybe he was driving so fast she could not feel a thing.