Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tireless Wheels

A tire that requires no air. Awesome isn't? Well.. its not a fiction and is very much in use right now.Michelin is developing a tire called the 'Twheel'. Its a tire and a wheel that requires no air. Bridgestone is also coming up with one.

More info here Air less tire

Monday, November 19, 2012

Average Mileage - 17 to 20 km/litre

On my way to Mangalore again for Diwali. This time the route was through Hassan. My i10 averaged at about 17 to 20 kms / litre with AC being on most of the time. The route was just amazing and you can simply cruise through to the city in about 6.5 hrs; assuming you don't halt anywhere.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sometimes I wish....

Sometimes I think to myself.. hmmmm! I have the i10 and I wish I had the Polo or the Fabia or the Figo or the Punto; but back in 2009 some of these were not even manufactured and the others were expensive. My conscious at that time told me not to pay heavy for a car which would bear the brunt of the first time car driving experience from an inexperienced guy. I bought the car and I loved it. It was cute, quick, compact, much like owning a mini for me.

Yesterday I got into a Figo and suddenly the thought of wanting to change my car crept in me. The key, the way the engine turns on smoothly, clutch, accelerator and the overall smoothness of the car was way different from the i10. Unlike the clutch in i10 which is tough, the Polo, Figo and Fabia have a smooth feel to it. It gives a better control while driving and therefore lesser stress, strain on the driver. Sometimes holding the clutch in the i10 can be painful in traffic.

Anyways... looks like after three years its time for a change. Technology has advanced a lot and I guess its time to move on. Sometimes I wish it was happening right now.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Prepayment Loan Calculator

Find my nice little android app in the Android Market to help you out with clearing your car loans (any loan basically).

Prepayment Loan Calculator

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nissan Evalia - Bring in new designers please

What is wrong with Nissan? They come up with a beautiful car like the Sunny except that its got a butt of an elephant, Renault does the same mistake calling it the Scala and now its the Nissan Evalia. Nothing is wrong with the cookies in the jar. Its the jar that is not the right one. Seriously! Nissan has to invest on good designers.

It just looks horrible in all directions. Why would I want to buy a car like this? Imagine having an image of the Omni in photoshop and then scaling it uniformly. That feels like the Evalia, but atleast Omni looks descent. This one is like errrrr! 'having no words to express it'.

This is the only image I shall share. How cool is this!!!

Pulsar 200 - Where is the silencer?

I got to see a Pulsar 200 in action recently and what is interesting is that bike makers are beginning to think outside the box to compete in the market. I could not find the silencer. I had once asked myself out of curiosity if it was ever possible to have a car not look like a car but still is a car? The same with a bike too. Thats just me like the mars rover 'Curiosity' trying to find answers on how life formed. Imagine a car with just three wheels but handles like one with four wheels. This would not only reduce the cost of manufacturing but also reduce pollution by not having to create one more for every vehicle in the world.

Anyways, I got a bit distracted there. I just woke up from a good sleep and my mind is fresh. So, the Pulsar 200 has its silencer neatly hidden below the chassis. Its called the underbelly exhaust. Imagine the silencer of the Fazer but nicely tucked in under the bike instead of jetting out of it. How creative is that? Overall the bike itself looks too good. Don't worry! they have tested the underbelly exhaust under water extensively.

Here is a comparison between the Pulsar 200 NS and the KTM 200 Duke.