Sunday, May 12, 2013

Maruthi Ertiga - A nice move and a nice car

Maruthi Suzuki Ertiga seems to be a hit in the market. I see a lot of this elegant LUV on roads in Bangalore. The Ertiga being a 7 seater is giving a tough competition to the Toyota Innova which has been around for over nine years. The fact that it is a mini suv and is way less expensive than the Innova makes it a bang for the buck. I have read really good reviews about this car in terms of looks, space and overall features. The only negative review is the engine which might struggle at low RPM, resulting in frequent shifting of the gears. Though the Ertiga sports the K-Series engine which is much more refined, less noisy and fuel efficient, the frequent gear changing could be a little annoying and tiresome when driving around in the city.