Monday, March 26, 2007

402 kms and still going

There was an issue with the gearbox cover as it had no screw in it. I was wondering how TVS could ever sell a product to the customer without testing and verfication of the all possible defects and missing parts in the bike. ????

Had gone to the showroom to replace the screw and boom! I found a furious customer shooting flame balls at a TVS representative on the mileage that his Black Apache provided. He was crying over a pathetic figure of 30 or less.

Neverthless out here with me the breeze is cool and plausible. 400 km and still going like a gun. No worries, no tension. After all, in my opinion, no matter what be the vehicle, It all depend upon how you ride it. Proper usage of the clutch, right gear at the right speed and engine rpm etc. are all such examples.

Apart from that a defect in the product is not your problem. You can always go and claim or even sue the manufacturer. So no worries and happy riding.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Carburetor & Fuel Economy

Hi folks, just though I could share this info with you. Please ensure that you all tweak the Carburetor's Idle Jet inlet valve, and the Main Jet inlet valve.

These two screws attached to the carburetor are essential in determining the fuel economy of the vehicle. And also responsible for the amount of crap in the exhaust.

And while driving down a flyover (or anywhere for that matter), avoid using the Throttle / Accelerator and let the engine run in the IDLE mode, thereby activating the Idle Jet inlet valve instead of the Main Jet inlet valve.

Remember, the more the throttle/accelerator, the greater the amount of air into the carburetor, the greater the velocity of air intake, the greater the amount of fuel input because of low pressure, the richer the air fuel mixture, the richer the combustion and the greater the speed of the engine.

So lads, avoid turning the throttle all the time, If you reach say 50 kmph, release the throttle and let the machine drive at its available speed.

Hopefully I am right here. If not just shout at me.

Mileage and Engine

Mileage: Definitely descent enough. I drive 44 Kms a day and I still have almost 10 kms or more to spare the next day. No worries here.

Engine: To be honest, it is getting a bit tough and noisy now; very marginal though, nothing to be worried about.

But I must say one thing; sitting on the pillion seat gives the bum a sure ache on its sides. Ooops! But the sound from the exhaust is a complimentary treat for it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Idle RPM, False Neutral

Hmmm! When Idle the RPM is at 1 x 1000. You cannot feel the vibration of the vehicle as many say. Remember that I have not given the vehicle for its first service yet.

And false neutral, well, it depends upon how professional you are as a rider. My brother rides the vehicle smoothly and till date I have not seen him experience a case of FALSE NEUTRAL. But it has happened to me several times. So I can't really blame the bike here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Touched 95km/h March 20 2007

Okie, the same flyover again. This time I had this blackberry boring pulsar again. Tried to race him and go ahead and touched 95 km/h - trust me I had no vibrations at all. It was just smooth even at 95km/h. I know its not good to reach such great speeds before the first service, but I just could not control it.

I am not bluffing here, neither do I want this blog to be dumped with useless facts. I shall be true to whatever I had experienced with the bike.

1. The bike vibrates. Phew! I did not experience it even at 95kmph.
2. The gear box is tough. Doh! Not at all.

Brakes - I dont know what to say. It just halts silently within seconds. For all those bikers who complain on the braking in Apache, looks like they dont know how to apply them.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Mileage - 15th March 2007

I need to check this out a bit more.

I poured a litre from a good IndianOil petrol station 9Many recommend shell petrol stations). I crossed 42 Kms from R.R Nagar to Koramangala and the other way round. And I still had some for another 5 to 6 kms. So a total of 50. A pretty descent score for a 150cc. But its said that it would increase to 54/55 after the first service.

You can maintain the same consistency if you have the bike in top condition all the time.

The drive on 15th March 2007

To be honest the bike is definitely a macho. Its small and powerful.
The gear box is tough. But looks like TVS had designed it like that to suit the macho look. Neverthless all other aspects of the bike is cool. The sound from the engine and the exhaust is smooth and sleek.

Vibrations: Zero when I touched somewhere close to 70 Km/h. In fact I wanted to try and match it with a pulsar 150. And we had a small race on the Anand Roa Circle flyover That guy was so noisy I almost gave him a wicked smile. And I was ahead.

Apache is really really amazing to drive. I have driven even the pulsar, but trust me, its a really new experience alltogether. Style, looks, power - TVS has literally redefined the whole model.

A new Apache - Silver

Purchased a new TVS Apache Silver. - 15/3/2007

And here it goes

City : Bangalore
On road price as on March 2007 = 61810
Loan amount for a downpayment of 40 grand = 25000
EMI for a period of one year = 2290 x 11.
Actual downpayment amount =

36810 (61810 - 25000)
+ 2290 (the first emi as advance)
+ 575 (blah!)
+ 250 (blah!)
+ 250 (blah!)
+ 375 (Extra coating on the bike for rust, color prevention. Doh!)

= 40550

And at the end of 12 months I end up paying 65750, an excess of 3940.

Point to ponder on :

1. Understand the interest rates. The wesbite says 6.99% but I was given at 9.9%. When asked, the ICICI agent in the showroom stammered.
2. Choose the right financier.
3. Check the number of the engine and the chassis to that of the registeration certificate.
4. Ensure all components are free from damange, rust and other issues.
5. Its your money, so ask as much as question you want to before purchasing one.