Monday, July 23, 2007

Second Service - Just Superb...

I was surprised myself. It was just neat at Tristar TVS. Looking at the service center in Intermediate Ring Road, I wasn't quiet happy and confident to give my vehicle for second service there. But staying close to Airport Road I had no choice to make.

When I reached the service center, an executive arrived immediately and jotted down all my complaints and requirement. I had to replace my left foot rest and it was jammed due to an accident.

This is the best part:- I asked him when it would be ready and he said "you can collect it in the evening". I was just dumb founded. For a second, I was worried if they would just do a simple water wash and two or more screw tightening acts. But the story was totally different in the evening.

I went at 6.30 PM to the service center to collect my vehicle. He was sparkle clean. A few things I failed to mention was the loose right mirror and brakes. And voila! they even fixed it even though it was not in the requirement / complaint list.

Mud guard and every single piece of the vehicle was just dirt free. I was really happy. And here is another best part which I have not seen TVS do it till date. The oil container and the filter were strapped to the pillion handle.

The whole fantastic, quality service was done in 7.5 hours at a cost of 240 rupees. What can I say guys. I also read an article saying that TVS being the third largest two wheeler manufacturer in India produces quality components than its competitors and it was also awarded for this.

TVS has definitely gone from a small step to a giant leap in all verticals.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ads - WOW!

All ads of Apache has been stunning. Bajaj has a long way to go in learning even this. I wonder what people find amazing in that fuel sucking monster.

Check out for a promo video of the Apache 160cc RTR

Apache 160CC RTR - Fantastic...

VOOOOOO!. I must say the bike has got a cool look. The finish is just amazing. Few negative points in design:-
  • The silencer. It looks puncher ed at the tail. I don't know why?
  • The horny pillion handle. This was not needed.
  • The zebra like strip on the mudguard. Yuk!
TVS has mastered its technique in capturing the market so fast. Coming in competition with other manufacturers is really worth noting. And hey! did you observer the engine in 160cc RTR. Its just clean, neat, compact, masculine and perfect. The alloys look good. And the petal disk. I did not expect them to be so big. They are just amazing.

Plus points
  • The disk brake - petal disk
  • The engine - Marvelous finish
  • Adjustable handles
  • The frosty brakes and gear bars. (I presume there must be a lot of issues with gear-shifting here. But not tried it though.)
From an ugly looking bike like Fiero FX to a beautiful crafted Apache (with a few exceptions) TVS really rocks. I can happily say Apache is better than the new Bajaj Pulsar version. Pulsar has tried to capture the market but it lacks the taste that Apache has.

GearBox issues! Bullshit!

Why do riders still keep complaining about the gear box in Apache? I did face a problem with it once, and that was when my idling screw was too tight. There was hardly any fuel during rest and I had to throttle on and on to keep the fuel flowing and the engine running. It was my mistake and not the fault of the bike!!!!

I have not faced any issues wit the gear box in Apache. Its absolutely same as in any other bike. To be honest is it manly, than the smooth shift in unicorn.

To dos..
  • Release the throttle fully. Don't half throttle, engage the clutch and shift gears.
  • Engage the clutch fully. Half clutch might damage the gear box.
  • Relax. Release the throttle, depress the clutch fully, and give some time for the vehicle to breath. Shift the gears now.
Trust me guys. I use the gear box like hell, shifting severals times within few meters of heavy traffic. And I have not faced any problems with it till date. One rare case is the False Neutral. This is common in all bikes. And there is nothing annoying about it.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Ok guys! Its been due for the second service now and I have not still given it for service. I have driven an extra 500kms. Hope it does not melt??? But It gives me an average of 57 - 58 kmpl. Can there be any better rider than me???

Rock Steady

Rock steady at 104 Kmph. This time at the Intermediate Ring Road in competition with a Pulsar 150cc updated model. A nice, clean arrangement of the handle bar makes Apache a real comfort while turning suddenly. Off course, maybe this suits me coz of my height, but I was convinced with my bikes performance since I smashed and overtook the pulsar. Vibration was there, but the stability of the vehicle at that speed made it really transparent. I am happy with the vehicle.

To all those who keep complaining about the vehicle (excepting the style and looks) I have five words - "learn to ride a bike".