Friday, February 11, 2011

Maruthi Kizashi

They say its a sport car. but.. errr... hmmmm! what is so sporty about it other than  its price??? The interiors look bland, the exteriors look ok and the website SUCKS! 16 lacs for this? Are you kidding me? However what is impressive is the original sports version which is not available here in India. It was a concept car. Now that looks like a sports car. A little insipired from Bugatti Veyron I guess.

But you know what.. if it is only the sporty looks that matter then I would very well go for Chev Cruz. This looks mean. And it is 4 to 5 lacs cheaper that Kizashi. Another question? Why do they still manufacture such cars? The same old fuel sucking, low mileage, air polluting, blah blah vehicles in the pipeline for consumers. What is good about these vehicles? Its just a big dent in your savings. I wish this was an electric version. It would have been simply fantastic.