Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bangalore traffic craziness

This city is going to die very soon; that's what it looks like to me. Its going to EXPLODE! People have no driving sense and there are more vehicles on road than recommended. The sad truth is the infrastructure is so poor that i am surprised there are so many vehicles being registered. In addition to the traffic craziness we also have garbage issues, bad roads, corruption, increased crime rate and pollution. I am already having this urge to move out from this city.

I commute from home to work and back home five times a week. It's been over a year now and on each passing day i see the matter getting worse. People just dont seem to get it. Following simple rules like speed, lane discipline, waiting at the signal etc is out of the window. The worst for me is this crazy honking. Today i am feeling the pain in my ears and hence this post. I don't understand why people honk. It looks to me that everyone is in a hurry to catch a train. Imagine a wonderful morning from home going bad because of idiotic citizens in the city. I once asked my colleague to stand at one spot on a busy road and tell me if he experienced even a second of NO HONKING! He failed.

I strongly believe that the government is not to be blamed for this. Off course they are to be blamed for not enforcing such rules however these are basic rules that every citizen needs to follow. The example of a good city lies in the hands of the people who call it their home. I go to this tea shop from work and the keeper of the shop has a bin for people to throw their tea cups into. Many just don't do it. They just throw it on the ground. The result of this is garbage and clogging of water leading to stagnation. It's a simple example. Expand this to other cases and you will realize that a citizen has more responsibility that he thinks he has.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Toyota camry!!!!! oooomph!!!!

Toyota launched the Camry at an introductory price of 24 lacs ex-showroom Delhi. This car will be assembled in Bangalore as the company has a joint venture with Kirloskar group. Camry has been there for seven generations and assembling the car here would help them reduce cost and also cater to the needs of the Indian mass. The new Camry will be a 2.5 litre petrol engine with a six speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately there isn't a diesel variant as of now.

This car can very well be compared with Honda accord and the Skoda superb. I personally think the Camry is built very elegantly and is very symmetric in its design and features. Honda accord on the other hand seems very bulky and Skoda superb is very bland. The two plants will be at Bidadi on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mahindra unveils a new plant

We all know that mahindra had acquired a major stake in Reva Electric. The company is now expanding it by inaugurating a new manufacturing plant in Bommasandra in the outskirts of Bangalore. The new plant has the capacity to produce 30,000 units a year.

What is astonishing is Reva has till date sold only about a few thousand units. Mahindra shall help boost the sales by introducing this new plant and also the new two door electric model which was showcased in the auto expo in Delhi. This new car is bigger than the Reva and is also electric.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Be proud of the Pixel

Tata motors promised a 1 lac car to the world and they fulfilled it. The Tata Nano was born and it stunned the world. Many thought of it as a joke but Ratan Tata has made it loud and clear that if you set your goal right then it is possible to achieve anything.

And now they want to do it again and this time with the Pixel. Tata has finally unveiled the MegaPixel at the Geneva Motor Show. Its a four seater, environment friendly electric car. It is a concept itching to come to reality. The one thing giving me goose bumps is an Indian product going international with an international design. I simply love seeing the Tata logo on the Pixel.

The petrol engine recharges the battery on the go and it promises to provide 900 km with a tank of fuel and an economy of 100 km / litre. What is stunning in the pixel is the maneuverability. You could pivot and turn around a particular wheel enabling an exceptional turn radius of 2.8 meters. I can go gaga over the pixel but you will have to check it out yourself to know more about this and also all the cool and sexy features it has. It definitely another feather in the cap of Tata Motors. Check out more in their website