Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is Zest one of the Best from Tata?

Saw the ad in the new papers and flipped to the next page within few seconds. Not sure why, but its become a habit for us to blame the company for its poor quality of build - engine, clutch, interiors and so on and also that it is one of the most preferred (or should I say was one of the most preferred..) brand by the cab services in the nation. 

I commute to work by office cab and the owner has a fleet of Tata cars. The owner who is also the driver says that it is affordable for him to buy a Tata car taking into consideration the cost of maintenance. Once in a while we commute in his Tata Manza and I must say it is spacious, has good interiors and the engine seemed responsive. I had to change my mindset and re-think Tata Motors as a brand that now owns Jaguar and Land Rover and expect some level of richness in their vehicles. Looks like they have achieved this through Zest and it is going for the kill. Watch this video from AutoCar to know why.

So, will you change your mind??

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Duster or Ecosport

Help me! Duster or the EcoSport.... I am not able to make up my mind....