Monday, July 30, 2012

Deepika Pandukone - Yamaha

Bebo came in to boost sales of the Mahindra's scooter - Duro. Asin came in for TVS and now its Deepika Padukone here to endorse Yamaha scooter range. The scooter is called 'Ray'.

We know John Abraham is wooing people with the Yamaha bike range. Lets hope the scooter sales picks up too. Personally I am in love with the Yamaha FZ series. I think the bike looks masculine and awesome and I am in fact planning to own one very soon. I think it looks way cooler than most of the bikes out there in the market and Yamaha has nailed it. I frankly have not seen much advertisement of the FZ series and looks like Yamaha wanted to cut costs on branding and advertisement as their sales were going down. However the bike is already a hit in the market and I think Yamaha can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ford Classic

It is now affordable and it is not a hatcback. Isn't that cool? For the price of a hatchback you now get a fully loaded sedan. Sometimes I wish they came up with such offers in early 2010. Its not I dont love my hatchback but just that I could have maybe settled for someting better. Anyways the ex-showroom price for the classic titanium is about 6.8 lacs for the petrol and 7.8 for the diesel version.  This is the old fiesta model. renamed as classic. What is astounding is that Ford claims the classic to provide a mileage of 32 Kms for the diesel version and 21 for the petrol. This is in test conditions. I wonder how much it would match to the onroad conditions. With the rules being stricter now I wish Ford actually hits the mark on this one. 

Many claim it to be cool car to drive but having a poor resale value. A cool looking car and loads of cool features. I feel its worth the money. What say?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Used car market booms!

A new vehicle would not have clocked even a mile, would smell good and is less likely to give you any kind of problems for several years. It does however cost money. If you are ok with saving couple of lacs on a vehicle that has clocked say 10k to 20k kilometers then I think its worth the buy. You should have a trustworthy mechanic check and test the vehicle you buy. New car sales have dropped this year however the used car segment still has a steady growth in its sales. In fact in India the new car market is more or less of the same size as the new car market.