Sunday, March 20, 2011

The scratches in your car as you clean it..

At night when you are on road try focusing on the paint job of the vehicle in front of you as your head light reflects from it. You will notice those horrible scratches. I am not talking about the deep ones. I am referring to the light ones that are mostly not visible under normal conditions. Most of the time they are circular. Now wait a second. These scratches are not natural. These scratches form because of bad cleaning technique.

We use a cloth, dip it in water and wipe the car and then we repeat the process. Every time you dip the cloth in water you need to make sure the cloth is fully clean of dirt before it is used to wipe the car again. The dirt on the wet cloth would in turn scratch the paint if not clean. Though the damage is minuscule, it would eventually end up ruining the paint and the shine of you car. So, if you are cleaning or requesting your car to be cleaned by someone then take care and follow instructions as mentioned in the manual of your car. I would recommend cleaning your car yourself. Its fun and you get to spend some quality time with your mate. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nissan 370z

Looks sporty and sexy. It definitely has all the features. What more can I say. I am yet to see one on road.

See more here

Sunday, March 13, 2011


ushhhhh! sends the chills down your spine!!! Awesome! And a real beast with a price tag. With this price you could buy a descent Honda City! but hey! Its a man thing and it is definitely worth the price. It costs about 10 lacs on-road Delhi. Its 998 cc, 6 speed transmission, and weighs about 217 kilos.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jaguar XJ

I had been wanting to write a post on this one but been busy lately. The day before yesterday I got to see a stunning beauty at night. From a distance it seemed different and I could not figure out the make or the manufacturer of the car. When it did come close - phew! it was smoking hot. A true stud I  must say. The car was nicely carved, was long and had fine details matching those of BMWs and Mercs. To me it was one step ahead. I am simply talking about the beauty of this masculine vehicle and the opinions of the eyes of hundreds of people gazing at this awesomeness in the night. I am talking of the Jaguar XJ.

Look at this. The wheels are wide and the car is long. The interiors are mind blowing and the exteriors are mouth watering. The lights in the rear were unique and not to mention the stunning jaguar logo. It seemed out of the box and surreal. I know I am getting  hyper here.. but man! what a car!!! Have a look at the collection here.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Volkswagen Touareg

Yesterday I happened to see a new car on road. The Volkswagen Touareg. It was the first time for me. Sometimes I wonder why a big car like this is on road? Though it looked mean it did lack some punch in its looks. The same bland looks like the polo and the vento. For some reason I feel a little let down about the design of Volkswagen. The polo, Vento and Touareg don't impress much as far as the looks is concerned. Maybe like Maruthi Suzuki they worry more about what is inside that the outside. Makes sense but does not appeal. After all what is a point of buying gold if it does not glitter?

Here is a link to their website -