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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Maruti Suzuki CIAZ - Full load test drive experience

I finally got to test drive the Ciaz, Petrol. Having watched so many reviews, the one thing that concerned me was performance. So, I had three of my colleagues accompanying me and the test drive was basically on full load - i.e five of us in the car including the representative from Maruti Suzuki.

Started the engine and pushed the pedal all the way down.. and as I had expected the output was very linear. It was not thrilling to drive and for obvious reasons; a 1400 cc engine and a big car.. what do you expect? But, it is not very boring either. I did not experience any lag, the gear shifts were super smooth and the clutch was light too. Overall, very good for city commute. And yes, we were wowed looking at the boot capacity. Ciaz definitely has loads of space. 

Few other things concerned me. I am 5.6 ft and I had to pull the seat all the way to the front to be able to reach the pedal. Due to this, my head was almost touching the roof and the driver armrest goes way back and out of reach. On the flip-side, the passenger behind me gets ample room and a comfortable ride. In fact, my colleague was shocked to see so much space in the back of the car. Finally, the finish of the dashboard in the centre that leads to the gear handle and the rear vents is prone to damage and scratches. 

I like the car and might go for it. But.. let me test drive the Jazz, City and Verna first. Will update you shortly.