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Friday, August 14, 2015

Honda Jazz 2015

Should I buy this? I am getting confused... I need something that is automatic, small and comfortable. I like the Jazz for its looks, space and descent interior. The only thing that puts be off is the Turbo Lag, is it that bad...?

More info on the working of CVT.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jazz it up with the new Honda Jazz.

It is evident that one of the reasons for the Jazz to have failed in the Indian market is its price tag. Wasn't it close to 8-10 lacs range? You could buy a Duster or Ecosport or maybe even a high end i20 for that price. Striking the right note with the price seems to be the key criteria for manufacturers selling their models in the Indian market.

Honda has now ticked all the right boxes with the new Jazz 2015; it is all jazzed up and more importantly Honda has made the price very competitive. It now challenges the Duster, Ecosport, Ertiga and other mid-sized vehicles in the segment. The exterior and interior design is refreshing with the sporty headlamps, chrome finish in the rear, LED rear tail lamp, lots of utility space, Aerodynamic design and a very spacious boot / back row seating. And finally, it starts at 5.3 lac ex-showroom price.

Overall a very good package. For more info on specifications and features check out the Honda Jazz website.