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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Three Sedans and a Hatchback

Ok, its been a daunting task but I have finally narrowed down to three sedans and a hatchback. The reviews from AutoPortal and AutoCar took a toll on me. Honestly though, I think I am loving the reviews of AutoPortal more than AutoCar as I feel it is more elaborate and covers most aspects of a car. Maybe it is also because most reviews on AutoPortal starts with the boot space; one of the most important criteria for me in a car ;-).

Anyways, my list stands at the new Honda Jazz 2015, Hyundai Verna NS, Honda City and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, all petrol versions. I mainly considered Jazz and Ciaz for the CVT option. The other two cars offer automatic transmission as well, but way out of my budget. I am ok with a manual on Ciaz too. If its Jazz, then its got to be automatic for sure. Honda claims a better mileage in the automatic version, so it does not hurt to spend those extra bucks.  Lets get to the cars.


Ciaz is definitely loaded with a tonne of features. In fact it is one of the best of all the sedans and at an unmatchable price. Maruti Suzuki has ticked all the right boxes here. However, it disappoints in performance. 1.4 L petrol cannot be compared to the likes of Vento, Rapid or City. It might not be that bad if your primary need is for a city commute but will be less thrilling on the highway and might struggle on full load. I have not read or watched any reviews of its performance on full load. The last thing I need is a sedan that performs like a hatchback. This car needs more horses for sure. But, with the features that it has, it is definitely worth the money. For an average car enthusiast like me, maybe this car will do just fine, but I will know more only after a test drive.

Very spacious and packed with features including projector head lamps. Good airy cabin, attractive dashboard and an awesome boot (510 litres). If power is not a concern, definitely a good value for money. Good ground clearance too. Engine is padded and therefore has very minimal noise intrusion into the cabin. Overall a very relaxed and comfortable drive for normal city cruising.
Underpowered. Turbo lag.

The new Honda Jazz 2015:

The new Honda Jazz wows a lot. This hatchback has everything you need. The CVT version would cost about 8.6 lacs on road which is pretty descent. The only issue here is, I already have a hatchback, do I need another?  A boot of 354 litres is pretty damn good for a hatchback.  Honda is known for it awesome drivability and it would be a delight to drive this car in city traffic. I have read reviews of this car taking time to amble around when pushed hard, but I believe that is true for any hatchback and also depends on the gear you are in. So yeah, an awesome car, very spacious, has a good boot, different combinations with the magic seats (no CVT though) and looks attractive.

Spacious, awesome exterior design (front and rear), biggest boot in the hatchback segment. LED tail lamps. Good driving mechanics.
Will require frequent gear shifts, unless you opt for CVT which is pretty linear with some lag.

Verna and City:

Both the cars tie in my opinion. City has good driving mechanics but Verna's engine is more refined and tuned. City also looks a little more appealing to me than the Verna NS. Somehow I feel like the Verna NS had a nose job that turned out bad. I liked the old design and I am sure a lot of people would still prefer the old styling. The one thing that puts me off in the City is the bulky chrome in the front... why??? why Honda.. why? Also, the boot lid in the city is naked exposing all the wiring and Verna has all the padding needed. What is also disappointing is that Verna does not offer a touch screen in any of its variants.

Good: Loaded with features. Value for money. Smooth performing engine.
Bad: A flattened front design, looks more like the Ciaz. Nothing much has changed in the rear. No touch screen display. No rear AC vents.

Good: Perfect all rounder. Big boot - 510 litres, matches the Ciaz. One of the best in the sedan segment. Has rear AC vents.
Bad:  Honda has cut costs by not providing the touch screen in the base version and removing padding in the boot lid.

I am confused and the only way I can come out of it is to test drive all the four cars. I shall be doing it shortly in few weeks. Will give you folks an update very soon.