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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hyundai Verna NS Test Drive

Wow! what a huge difference in experience and ambience inside the car. Its simply spot on. I now feel a lot of things wrong in the Ciaz that is well done in the Verna. Let me explain..

I was able to reach the pedals with ease. For your reference, I am 5.6 and I did not have any difficulty reaching the pedals, but the clutch did feel a little harder than in Ciaz (same with the gear handle). 

The dashboard is well designed. There is a good view from the driver's seat. In Ciaz, I felt like the dashboard was too high and a tad bulky.

Finish and quality is premium. In Ciaz, you will see cheap plastic being used that is prone to scratches and damage.

Boot space is awesome! This is an important criteria for me, and for some reason it seemed a little more than the Ciaz.. could be because of lesser wheel intrusion???

Engine is super responsive. I don't think I have to add more to this. The cabin is silent and the suspension feels a little stiff. The rear space is descent too.

Overall a good value for money though it costs about 1.5 lacs more than the Ciaz.  I finally feel like I have arrived at a decision. Verna is the car I would opt for. Many would argue that the City is better, but I have not had the chance to test drive it yet. Also, having a Hyundai i10 means I will hopefully end up saving a lot more on Verna than the City. It just makes perfect sense.