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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bajaj RS 200 - A sports bike finally

It is very clear with the RS 200 that Bajaj is thinking a level above most bike manufacturers in the Indian market. I must admit now after being a fan of the TVS apache and owning one myself that TVS has a long way to go in terms of technology, design and performance of their bikes. I was impressed with the Apache and even more when they started marketing the RTR, but now... it is a totally different story. Compare the Apache with the RS 200 and suddenly you feel like a kid. I mean, has TVS done anything different in the past year or two since the Apache was launched?

So, I had the chance to experience the Bajaj RS 200 my colleague had recently purchased and here is what I think. Firstly, it is the looks; smart pillion handle neatly tucked in with the design of the rear, eye-catching tail lamps, chunky exhaust, and the awesome projector head lamps to name a few. To me, the lamps is the highlight in this bike; everything else is fancy.. a little overdone.. I think.

The ride was not bad either. While it felt very heavy, it was quiet responsive and always eager to burst into action. Changing gears was a tad difficult for me as I could not reach it easily, maybe I needed some practice, but overall a very good and responsive engine. It boasts three spark plugs and fuel injectors. Few images below..

Here is a more detailed overview on the bike from Autocar India