Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kawasaki and Ninja

Kawasaki has been marketing Ninja since 1986. The marketed bikes in the US is Ninja 250R. And according to the bike has been kawasaki's best selling bike.

The following are the changes done to the bike for 2008:

For the 2008 model year, the Ninja 250 increased in price by $500 US, to $3,499, and saw the first major design changes in some two decades.

The most significant changes are the loss of the center stand, an overall more modern look, and increasing the wheel size to 17". The front "petal" disk brake was also enlarged, the front suspension was increased in diameter and the dual exhaust was changed to a 2 into 1 layout. The addition of a fuel gauge, a rarity in motorcycles, and the choice to make the speedometer more prominent than the tachometer imply an emphasis on attracting new riders rather than enthusiasts.

The engine and drive train are 70% new, retaining only 30% of the older models parts, according to Kawasaki's marketing literature. Compression and maximum torque have been lowered for 20% better midrange performance.

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