Saturday, May 2, 2009

Honda Dio

What a vehicle. It is fast, stable, noiseless, has a big comfortable pillion seat and lots. To me the best of it is the convernience of carrying things when you go for shopping. Its got a reasonable boot space under the seat, two different compartments cleverly crafted for your bike papers, and two helmet hooks. And yes the hook right under the seat for hooking anything you want to.

Its given me an average of 43 kmpl. And I recently travelled about 60kms at one stretch with it. And yes this has been one of the flagship vehicles for honda motors. So there is demand, there is style and there is something in it.

The onlt annohying thing I have faced with it is trying to kick-start it in the morning. With the choke on it takes a few kicks to warm the engine a little and then it is all set to go. I have the latest silver.

Get to know more at their website Honda Website - Honda Dio

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