Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why have a car like Lamborghini?

If anyone has ever observed advertisements that promote dark skin turn into fair skin in 2 weeks, the first question that probably should run into your head is (if you are someone like me) why do we have to change a dark person fair? I mean isn't a dark skinned person beautiful? What is wrong in being dark? And the best part is that it does not just stop with women. These advertisements now tend to woo the society of men probably to tell them that no woman would ever fall in love with him unless he is fair.

Now, coming to the point. Try imagining the same situation in trying to design a car like Lamborghini. It runs on fuel, harldy gives a double digit on mileage per kilometer, and is expensive. The bottom line, only a few can afford it. So the question still remains, why do we need a car like this?

The amount of energy spent on designing a car like this is enormous. The mould, the structure of the vehicle demands it. Or else it would be like any other car in the market. Can't we just save energy by making people understand the simplicity of life? Think about it, and it does make a big difference. People are greedy and this is what makes them innovate things that are broadly meaningless to the world.

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