Monday, June 1, 2009

Why don't Indian bikes have a under seat box?

Be it TVS Apache or Bajaj Pulsar or any other 4 stroke cool bikes we have on road in India; there is one thing I am quiet not clear with. Why don't these bikes have a under seat box for storage?

It's quiet obvious that the seat box comes as an accessory, but hey, it is a matter of convenience. The seat box is very uncomfortable for a pillion rider and it spoils the beauty of the vehicle too.

Do humans really lack ideas? I am saying this because I enjoy travelling in my Honda Dio. I also have a TVS Apache. Nah! it's not about speed, but the sexy space that the vehicle has is just amazing. When it rains for instance I can simply dump all my gadgets and items inside that huge under seat box and happily get myself drenched. But imagine doing this on TVS Apache or Pulsar and you have to sacrifice something.

The seat we have in TVS Apache, Doh! Such a weird thing to do just to remove it. First you have to remove the box to the side of the bike, then pull that string and then the WHOLE DAMN SEAT POPS OUT. And if you pull the string hard, you end up having the string in your hand. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! cheap isn't? I would have replaced the string with a pivot just like in Dio. Simple as that.

I would be happy to know any other bike which has some good seat box which comes with the bike and not as an accessory. Give your say on this and I would be happy to know.

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