Monday, April 9, 2012

Figo Or i10

I have been pondering over this for a very long time now and I feel now that Figo has an edge over the i10. Damn! when I purchased the i10 figo was not available in the market. The reasons why I like Figo is the boot space, the length of the car, and the cost. With ABS and other cools features in the Titanium version and at a price lesser that the i10 it seems like a good deal. The downside of this car is the noise inside the cabin, no rear power windows, low height and poor response of the engine. I recently figured out that Ford intentionally decided not to invest on a rear power window as they felt the window was too small to have one. They decided to invest on something else instead. Its a good thing but when my son wants the window to be open I can just do it sitting in the driver seat and yet prevent it from being opened fully. Nevertheless, I have been using my i10 for 3 years now and I have not had any issues. Its still smooth, power packed and lovely.

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