Friday, April 27, 2012

Piaggio Vespa

The Italian automaker is back again with the Vespa. Unlike the existing scooters we have in the market currently the Vespa is very old school and classic in its design and presentation which I believe would kindle the taste buds of passionate bikers in the country. Think of it being something like the Volkswagen Beetle or the Mini-Coupe with two wheels. It truly an Italian icon and blends with the spirit of the country. You can feel the Italian in it. It brings along with it the old memories of riding around with your parents in the 70s and 80s.
The automaker claims that the Vespa would give a mileage of about 60 kmpl.  Its got a 4 stroke, air cooled 125cc engine. This is good power for a scooter. Everything else is what you see in any other scooter. What makes this scooter distinct is its design. It definitely stands apart from the rest. It is said that the designer of the Vespa had a lot of hatred for motorcycles as he found them to be heavy and unreliable. Thus the tradition of continuing with the concept of a scooter every since it was first invented in 1945.

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