Saturday, April 28, 2012

Staring at the tail lamps...

On my way to work I did not realize how fast the time flew wondering about the intricate details and R&D that goes into design these clever aesthetic elements in a vehicle. Its like the icing on a cake and it just needs to be appealing. The design plays a crucial element in the value of a vehicle. Yes! I am talking about the head and tail lamps.

So lets start with the classic Ambassador from Hindustan Motors. The lamps are very blunt, yet simple in design. The front lamps are circular in design, The tail lamps are simple and small. HM continues with the classic design like the Vespa and never wants to do anything different. Its heritage and its the Harley Davidson of the Indian auto industry. For almost three decades it has been having the same design elements and have not upgraded drastically.

The Maruthi Swift has experimented from its predecessor. The latest design is different but the tail lamps are a let down. They dont gel well with the design in the rear and for some reason I find the rear lacking something. Its liks Maruthi was in a hurry to release it and they said - "Its ok! lets go with what we have and then see...". However there is no doubt that the Swift is one of the best and successful hatchbacks in the country.

 And then my current favourite the Hyundai Verna Fludic.  Hyundai scored a home run on this one. They simply nailed it in the design. Its probably one of the best sedans currently in the country in its price range when it comes to fresh exterior design, interiors and the features. Its fails in handling and suspension but would I be bothered? Well its got something and hence it would not be that bad. So no problem. Anyways.. have a look at the design. Its creative, different and fresh.

And finally the ultimate in design of the lamps. The winner for me is the Jaguar. What a design. Its out of the world and beats the Audi, BMW and the Merc easily. Simply classy. This one is the XJ.

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