Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vento or Verna?

On my way to work I there is this white vento going past us and I notice the driver simply ignore the speed braker ahead and just driving through. What made me probe more into this car was how superbly the suspension worked. If it was my i10, I am sure my car would be thrown up in the air and it would literally shake things up inside it for a while, but the vento handled it really well and the reason I say this is because the car had a passenger in the back seat drinking her coffee and it was like she felt nothing.

Verna on the other hand has a very soft suspension until the vento which is a little solid, but in comparison to the vento the verna is better in mileage, looks and a fanstastic interior. It is costlier than the vento but its worth the package. So will I choose a verna over vento? Yes! I would.

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